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Celebrate Teaching Every Day of the Year

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

May 7, National Teacher’s Day, is a very special day in the United States. While there are many holidays that a teacher can celebrate in the classroom to engage with students’ creativity, this is one that celebrates you – the hard-working teachers in the United States.

At the American Board, we celebrate the art of teaching every day of the year through the encouragement of great teaching methods and the appreciation of alumni (in ways such as our Teacher of the Year Award. But all too often, teachers don’t hear how truly amazing they are. In the day-to-day of the job, it’s often easy to forget what got them into teaching in the first place.

So, National Teacher’s Day is a great day to ask yourself two questions: What inspired you to become a teacher and what aspect of teaching do you find the most rewarding?

You’ll be amazed at the great feeling that answering these questions will give you inside.Teacher’s Day is also a great time to look back on your successes through the school year that is just about to come to a close, as well as those in the past. It’s a great day to remind yourself how many students you reached who might have otherwise been lost in a subject. It’s a great day to look in on former students and see the progress they’ve made.

In a recent Gallup poll, teaching was found to be the fourth highest profession in terms of job satisfaction behind only doctors, nurses, and business owners. And it’s no wonder. Doctors and nurses may save lives, but teachers have the power to change them on a daily basis. Thank you from the American Board for all you do every day – not just on National Teacher’s Day!

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