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Why Schools Pursue Accreditation

In the United States K-12 school accreditation is a cornerstone of the educational quality control process. K-12 accreditation in the United States mirrors the accreditation process used in its institutions of higher education and serves as a quality assurance indicator for graduates. US institutions of higher education know that if a student has graduated from an accredited K-12 high school, the student has demonstrated competency on the essential knowledge necessary for entry into the university system and has promise for successful matriculation.

Accreditation in the United States is undertaken by individual schools and school districts. Accreditation demonstrates to the larger community that the educational organization is committed to rigorous self-evaluation and meets the standards of excellence established and accepted by peer institutions. An accredited school or school system is committed to continuous quality enhancement. Students in accredited schools also benefit from the reciprocity of credits, courses, and grade level placements throughout the world.


American Board International Accreditation

American Board’s international accreditation process is an effective way to standardize and improve the education being provided by individual schools. Implementing American Board’s international accreditation program ensures that schools are effectively managed, deliver world class curriculum standards, and provide continuous quality improvement for teachers and staff. Further, American Board International Accreditation is a stamp of approval that indicates a school’s graduates are prepared to meet the demands of university or the 21st century workforce.

For a school to receive American Board International Accreditation, it must apply to American Board for accreditation, complete the review process, and be awarded an accreditation decision. The entire accreditation process can be completed within 90 days. Each school pursuing accreditation will be assigned a local American Board Accreditation Review Director who will coach the school through the complete accreditation process.

During each stage of the accreditation process, the school maintains close communication with and has access to the guidance and support of their assigned Accreditation Review Director. It is important to note, that American Board works closely with the school at every step of the process, ensuring that each school gets the individualized attention needed to achieve international accreditation. Once a school is awarded American Board International Accreditation, it undergoes accreditation renewal every two years.

American Board’s International Accreditation Program Includes

  • Local Accreditation Review Director

  • Complete Internal Review Prior to Accreditation

  • Assessment of Teaching & Learning Impact

  • Assessment of Leadership Capacity

  • Assessment of Resource Utilization

  • Exit Report with Recommendations


For More Information

Contact EastWest Technologies, American Board’s authorized reseller, via email or phone to find out more about how our program can help improve the quality of education that takes place in your school and to learn how you can obtain a group rate to certify your school’s whole team.

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