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Code of Conduct

In working to place qualified, certified teachers into classrooms across the country, we take our mission seriously and hold every candidate in our program to the highest professional ethical standards. Candidates are training to teach children of all ages; how candidates conduct themselves in our program is a reflection of suitability to be in the classroom.

Our team monitors communications to ensure that every candidate in our program conduct him or herself with decency, compassion and professionalism. In the event that a candidate does not behave in a way that adheres to commonly accepted social norms of polite behavior, American Board reserves the right to suspend or revoke candidacy for our certification. No refund will be issued to candidates who are expelled from the program.

Any suspension or revocation of admission to our program will be communicated through our legal team.

Behaviors that may lead to suspension/expulsion from the American Board program:

  • Verbally abusive behavior towards school administrators, students and American Board employees.

  • Abusive or libelous accusations on any public forum, including social media platforms.

  • Unprofessional/unethical conduct in a school setting.

  • Misrepresentations or false statements to or about American Board employees.

  • Misrepresentations or false statements to or about the American Board program.

  • Criminal convictions occurring during enrollment in the American Board program.

  • Harassment of American Board employees via any medium, including, but not limited to: email, phone, in person, voicemail, social media, and video conference.