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Anatomy & Physiology for Dummies

Quick-reference for beginners on various parts of the human body and how they work together. Includes icons, other navigational aids, tear-out sheets, and full-color appendices.

The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution

The Ancestor’s Tale takes us from our immediate human ancestors back through what Dawkins calls ‘concestors,’ (those shared with the apes, monkeys, other mammals, and other vertebrates) and beyond to the microbial beginnings of life some 4 billion years ago.

Biology: Life on Earth

This easy to use book, with an innovative and interactive media program, emphasizes concepts without sacrificing scientific accuracy. The new MediaTutor, found at the end of each chapter, integrates the book and media by providing a brief description of the CD or WEB activity and the time requirement for completion. Major topics include The Life Of A Cell, Patterns Of Inheritance, Evolution, Plant Anatomy And Physiology; Animal Anatomy And Physiology; Ecology.

Biology: Concepts and Connections

Biology: Concepts and Connections emphasizes concepts through unique modules. Each module combines  art, text that “walks” students through illustrations, accompanying interactive media, and  real-world connections. Every chapter begins with an outline of the topics and concepts that lie ahead. Major headings help students navigate the concept-based modules, which link logically together. After each module, a question prompts students to test their understanding.

Board Review Series Cell Biology and Histology (Book with CD-ROM)

This quick reference on Cell Biology and Histology contains clinical correlations in each chapter, annotated answers, 400 review questions, and a comprehensive practice examination.

A Citizen's Guide to Ecology

This book presents a clear and current understanding of the ecological world, and how individual citizens can participate in practical decisions on ecological issues. It tackles such issues as global warming, ecology and health, organic farming, species extinction and adaptation, and endangered species.

A Dictionary of Biology (Oxford Paperback Reference)

Including 4,000 clear and concise entries, this book covers all the commonly encountered terms and concepts in biology, biophysics, and biochemistry, as well as terms from medicine and paleontology taking into account the recent advances in these fields.

Dictionary of Cell Biology

The Dictionary of Cell Biology was first published in 1989, and has since been translated into several languages. It is intended to provide quick access to easily-understood and cross-referenced definitions of terms frequently encountered while reading the modern biology literature. This server contains the text of the Third edition, published in Late 1999.

DNA: The Secret of Life

A clear and easygoing history of genetics, from Mendel through genome sequencing.

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