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Sample Writing Prompt

Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching. You are a mentor teacher and your principal has asked you to help new teachers become more thoughtful and productive in their lesson planning. Write a memo to the new teachers discussing the role lesson planning plays in effective teaching. In your memo, include the types of information that ought to be included in a lesson plan, the reasons why lesson plans are useful, and what can happen if you do not sufficiently plan lessons.

Your response will be evaluated based on how well you communicate your message to the intended audience, not on your personal opinions, position, or point of view. Your response will be evaluated based on how well organized and focused your writing is, how well you develop and elaborate on your ideas, and your grammar and mechanics.



Example of a “1” Response

To:New Teachers Subject; Lesson Planning

It is accepted that themain task of the teacher is to guide the children in the teachinglearning process..It goes without saying that any good teacher will need to do much planning for the work in the classroom. Lesson plan must be made either in substance or in detail. For the new teacher this will have to be done more carefully and thoroughly.Objective should be stated in behavioral form and should contain statement indicating the certain criteria for acceptable performance.In other words , lesson plan should be specific , measurablev, attainablev,with result and time bounded.